About the 3 dudes


The 3 Dudes, a young power pop band from Charleston, SC are one of those rarities, those unexpected acts in music that rock in a way rarely seen EVER.

The Ploch brothers consist of twins, Roger and Jack, and Sam, whom they call the spare. Together they have found the gift of music to share between them, and are running wild with it. All are singers and writers who fully contribute to their creations. Roger is the groups’ dynamic drummer, a player who reminds audiences at once of John Bonham or Phil Rudd. Jack is the guitar player, his playing complete with dive bombs, harmonics, and other fretboard frenetics that would make Eddie Van Halen proud. Sam holds down the bottom, a very accomplished bassist that serves as the bands ring leader and primary vocalist onstage. He is capable of playing tunes thought to be available only to players like Sting and Flea.

In the five years they have been at the music game, the ride has been fast and adventurous. It began with the boys’ sincere hope to help a friend with brain cancer. Their solution and contribution to the cause consisted of forming a band, playing a show, and raising money for health care costs. Since that beautiful effort, The 3 Dudes have recorded an EP and 2 full length discs, performed in their home state of SC, as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, Asheville, Charlotte, and Nashville, just to name but a few.  The band is hard at work daily, working with well known producers like Tommy Henrikson, Jake Sinclair, and Paul Ebersold. They also have written music with hit writers like James Bourne, and most recently had their song “Saturday” sampled by popular band New Politics for feature in a national Taco Bell commercial.  It seems that the music industry vets and the rest of the country are now discovering this rarity, this unexpected young group called, The 3 Dudes.

Meet The Dudes


Did someone say bacon? He calls himself the spare when introductions occur with he and his twin brothers. This spare is not stuck in the back of a trunk, however, but is the driving force behind the bands’ cohesion. Laying down bass lines with bacon on the brain, Sam is not afraid to leave it all on the line.


Are you ready to smile? Jack can make you do this in a multitude of ways. His prodigal guitar playing will have you grinning ear to ear. Then, once you get to know him and his other personas and accents come out, you’ll be laughing out loud. He calls this other person on stage Toby. Whomever you are, Jack, keep us grinning with whatever you do.


Annihilation. This is the only way to describe Roger and relationship with his drums. He kills it every time he hammers those sticks. He has a lot to say and those words come out through his drumming. Don’t let all of this fool you, though, he holds his friends, family, and fans very close to his heart.